Kate Bellis Photography

- Documentary Photographer -

  • Kite Flying, Wigwell Nook Farm, Wirksworth Moor, 19th of July 2015
  • Bolehill Chapel, Last Working Days.
  • Shire Man Lance Hunt with his Daughter Billy, Alderwasley, 8th June 2015
  • Peter Melbourne with his Cats, Chequer Meadow, Ashleyhay, October 2014.
  • Phil Spencer and his Dog Clyde, 17th August 2015
  • Jim Oaks Getting in his Hay, Wirksworth Moor, 3rd of August 2015
  • Gabriel, Ravens Dale, 10th May 2015

'Imprints' and other Derbyshire work is now on show at 'The Nelson', Middleton by Wirksworth. Derbyshire's only 'Art Pub!' Exhibition runs over Christmas until the end of January. There will be a poetry and folk night around Kate's images on the evening of Saturday the 16th of January 2016.