Kate Bellis Photography

- Documentary Photographer -

  • Kite Flying, Wigwell Nook Farm, Wirksworth Moor, 19th of July 2015
  • Bolehill Chapel, Last Working Days.
  • Shire Man Lance Hunt with his Daughter Billy, Alderwasley, 8th June 2015
  • Peter Melbourne with his Cats, Chequer Meadow, Ashleyhay, October 2014.
  • Phil Spencer and his Dog Clyde, 17th August 2015
  • Jim Oaks Getting in his Hay, Wirksworth Moor, 3rd of August 2015
  • Gabriel, Ravens Dale, 10th May 2015

'Imprints' exhibition launches on 12th of September 2015
at The Northern Lights Cinema, Wirksworth Festival.

Signed copies of the book available to order now for £20.